Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, I’m always unintentionally catching the attention of those who lay their eyes on me. My exotic background and natural beauty enable my angelic aura to radiate as if appearing in your dreams...

Formerly known as one of Canada's top reputable companions, I unexpectedly, but for good reason, retired from the occupation in June of 2020. Nowadays, you can call me your biggest tease and finest luxury... You can look, but you can only touch me in your wildest thoughts.


My time and energy is gatekept for those who are proven worthy through paying my bills and funding my lavish lifestyle --- I'm otherwise completely uninterested in giving away my attention to anyone. 

I exude sohistication and superiority, thus I expect to be treated accordingly. I'm truly a sweetheart, but I don't leave any room for taking advantage of my kindness. I have refined taste for the finer things and my favorite words to hear are "yes goddess". I like to praise jobs well done, but I'm never shy to express my disapointment either.

You recognize me as the rare and divine woman that you've only ever been able to fantasize about in the past. Now that you've found the real deal, what will you do? 

I'm out of your league and can have anything and anyone I want. The only thing I want from you is to be served in admiration and spoiled with luxuries. You know that nothing you do or give to me can amount to what I'm truly worth, so you work harder and harder to please me with your money. You yearn to have all of me and nothing drives you crazier than when I tease you.

You scroll through my OnlyFans all day, everyday just hoping that I respond to your messages. I should never have to ask you for anything because I expect you to know how to treat a princess like me.

Naturally, my time can only speak to the most loyal givers and largest spenders. Good luck begging to be one of them...

Driven by my desire to be adored, better yet spoiled rotten, and persuaded by high demand, I'm back --- this time as the Financial Dominatrix you've been longing for. You can thank me with you money.




Age: mid 20s

Birthday: October 3rd (Libra)

Body Type: Athletic (Slim/Curvy)

All Natural

Height: 5'5" 

Weight: 115 lbs

Dress Size: 0, XS

Top Size: 0, XS

Bottom Size: 0-2

Waist Size: 25

Shoe Size: 7-7.5 US, 37-38 EU

Ethnicity: Exotic - Asian/Persian Mix

Languages: Fluent in French and English 


Cuisine: French, Japanese, Italian

Libations: Sparkling Water, Coffee/Tea, Champagne

Regions: Paris, South of France, Manhattan, Montréal

Leisure: Hiking, Drawing, Styling, Learning, Museums/Galleries

Flowers: Peonies, Roses

Colours: Neutrals

Jewelry: Cartier, Tiffany & Co., Tendenza -- Yellow Gold, Diamond

Clothing: The Line by K, Sandro, Jacquemus, Adidas by Stella McCartney

Handbags: Chanel, Christian Dior, Fendi, Hermes, Prada, Loewe

Shoes: Chanel, Manolo Blahnik, Aquazzura, Christian Dior, Prada

Beauty: Allies of Skin, SkinCeuticals, Santa Maria Novella, Glossier

Perfumes: Byredo, Le Labo, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Tom Ford, Hermes