Let's escape reality together. I look forward to connecting with you...


A true girlfriend experience.

Break from Reality


1 HOUR                $1,500

1.5 HOURS           $2,000

2 HOURS              $2,500

3 HOURS              $3,000

4 HOURS              $3,500

A Little More


6 HOURS              $4,000


8 HOURS             $5,000 


10 HOURS            $6,000

12 HOURS            $7,000

Total Escape


15 HOURS           $8,000 

24 HOURS          $10,000

48 HOURS          $18,000






CAD within Canada. Same rates apply in USD or EUR for bookings outside of Canada.


Same day availability is very rare due to the nature of my busy schedule. Pre-screening and booking well in advance is highly encouraged, you may do so at any time by submitting this form.


In the case that you would like to extend our time during a date, a rate of $1,000 per additional hour will apply (subject to availability).


For my safety, it is required for all new suitors to complete a verification process. I will only meet with gentlemen who are willing to provide the necessary information. For this reason, I only respond to properly filled out booking form inquiries or emails containing complete screening information.



Only available downtown Toronto at an additional charge of $250+ to cover hotel accommodations.



I'm available to meet in 4+ stars hotel settings or upscale residences. Additional time/travel charges may apply for requests outside of downtown Toronto.


I love meeting gentlemen that appreciate the opportunity of building a long-lasting connection with me. For this type of approach, I recommend starting with a 4 to 6 hour-long dinner date for a chance to get to know each other on different levels without rushing. As I'm very selective with the gentlemen I spend my time with, a strong first impression and a minimum duration of 4hrs is required for first-time meetings.


Overnight dates must include sufficient time for uninterrupted beauty sleep.

Please understand if I need to take brief moments for personal affairs, such as checking my phone. Having a plan helps make the most out of our time together. I'm open to most activities and love all cuisines. Need some ideas? I'm more than happy to make suggestions!


Fly me to you or arrange a getaway! I aspire to see the world and would love to accompany you on vacation or fly to your city. There's nothing more exciting than being whisked away...

*6 hours minimum within Canada and 15 hours (overnight) minimum outside of Canada.

50% deposit and First/Business Class airfare are required to confirm all travel bookings. For privacy reasons, I must be able to book my own flights. Please include as many details as possible when writing your message in the booking form.


Please subscribe to my newsletter and follow me on Twitter/IG for updates.


Rate Match Policy — The highest rate is to be honoured for all participating providers.

I would love to introduce you to my gorgeous lady friends! Please inquire.


Please add $500/hour


For the right gentleman, an exclusive arrangement can be made possible starting at $50,000/month. Non-exclusive arrangements are available starting at $10,000/month ---- please inquire.


At this time, deposits are always accepted but not required unless travel is involved. When requesting for me to travel, 50% deposits must be collected in order to confirm the appointment. 



All bookings are subject to a 50% cancellation fee if not cancelled or rescheduled at least 48 hours before the time of our scheduled meeting. This cancellation fee will have to be collected in order to arrange another meeting.


My preferred form of payment is cash. Please see my accepted payment methods and select e-gift cards for deposits/cancellation fees.


When submitting the contact form, you acknowledge to have read and agreed to all the terms and conditions listed on my etiquette page.



To book with me, please review the entire Companionship & Etiquette sections thoroughly and fill out all fields in the booking form below. For my safety, I must maintain a strict verification process and will only meet with gentlemen who are willing to provide the information required, no questions asked. Rest assured that your information will be kept safe and will never be shared. Discretion is very important to me and mutual respect for privacy is expected.  


Option 1 - Scan/Photo of Valid Government Issued Photo ID + Photo holding ID up next to your face

Option 2 - Work Verification. LinkedIn Profile (must contain a photo) or Website Link (must contain your name and photo) + Photo of your face or Correspondence via your Work Email

Option 3 - Platonic/Social First Date (same rates apply). Upon meeting in a public setting, you may show me your ID in person in order for me to verify that the information you provided in your booking form matches. After a successful first meeting, private settings will be unlocked for future dates. 

*References from reputable providers are accepted in addition to one of the verification methods mentioned above, however they are not sufficient as screening on their own.


In your message, please include a brief introduction. Keep in mind that I am highly selective with the clients I choose to meet. Therefore, making a good first impression does matter.

Please allow at least 48 hours for screening to be completed. 


Longer engagements are always prioritized. I generally prefer 4hrs+ encounters.

Existing suitors may contact me directly via email:

Please note that this website has been securely encrypted for the safety and privacy of your information. Direct emails containing all the required information will also be answered to.